Halloween Catch iPhone Game

Beat the top score - be the sweet tooth monster!

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Funny Halloween arcade game with a boy catching sweets thrown out by a ghost monster.

There are 2 levels of difficulty: easy, when the main character catches the sweets with the whole body; and the hard mode, when you have to catch the sweets with the basket only.

At the very start of the game the monster fills up his belly with sweets and begins throwing them out.

The main playing character should catch these sweets to gain points.

If he misses one, the health bar at the top right corner of the game screen will get smaller. When the player misses a couple more candies - a life will be lost.

Initially the player has 3 lives, but for each 10000 points an additional life is added. There is also an additional life bonus that is being thrown out from time to time by the thrower monster.

There are some bonuses to make the gameplay a bit more exciting:

  • Scores mltiplier (2x and 3x)
  • Health refresher (a huge hamburger)
  • Additional life
  • Black pumpkin (a scary pumpkin that will take a life away if caught)
  • Game speed slow down (a clock that will slow down the speed of the game a bit)
Also the sweets are of different color and bring different points amounts.

If the player misses a candy, it remains on the floor and will be soon picked up by a small froggy-monster.

This froggy comes when there are sweets on the floor, eats them consequently, changes color upon eating and gets very surprised about that. After all sweets are eaten up, the froggy walks away till the player misses some more sweets.

Make sure you find the easter egg in the game, linked with this monster to gain additional points ;) It even makes more sense to use this bonus egg when a multiplier is active, because the scores will be multiplied accordingly.

There are also bats that fly from time to time across the game screen.

They are hard to catch, because of their brisk moving style, but if you punch them with the finger - they get scared and fly back, of course with some additional bonus points for the player.

To make the gameplay more exciting, we have set up a global high scores ranking for both easy and hard mode.

You can even play offline, without internet connection and when you get connected, just submit your best scores to the global leader board.

We are planning to send out prizes for the winners of different tops regularly.
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